School holidays… can be fun but they do seem to come around so quickly, especially when you have to manage childcare in the school holiday!!

As if that’s not bad enough, there are also the half term, that you have to find a way to entertain the children with as well.

The Easter Holidays are over and done.

But with May Half term soon approaching, before you put your feet up, it’s time to start thinking and planning ahead what to do with the kids over the May Half Term break.

What can your children do over the May school holiday break in 2019?

It’s only a four day holiday, you may be thinking. 

But what have you planned for your children to do during the half term break?

What can they discover in those four days in the May school holiday ?

Here are 3 top reasons why you should consider a school holiday camp for your child.

  • Capture Their Creativity this school holiday

Each day at Funtivity, we provide several creative activities that your child can choose from. It is a chance for your child to truly let their imagination go wild!!

We believe that being creative is something so natural in each of us. With the fast pace of modern society, a multitude of gadgets and the internet, children are quickly losing these vital creative elements.

At Funtivity Day Camps, children will be able to choose how to spend their day during the school holidays. From pasta art, to finger painting, papier mache to biscuit decorating, there is going to be something that will capture their creative imagination.

Not only will they have great fun making things which they will bring home, you can then have the chance to share in their day at camp, and extend that creativity further.

Have a look at the 5-8 year olds sample timetable – to see what a range of activities are on offer at this new school holiday club.

  • Keep them active this School Holiday

Screen Time !!!

Need we say more. Today’s children are spending more time in front of their Xbox screen.

Sitting and inactive for long periods of the day.

We don’t need any research to tell us that this is not good for them.

Young minds needs to be stimulated and their bodies need to be kept active.

Gone are the days when kids were out in the front green playing with a ball, creating their own fun.

Today’s society has them couped up in front of the latest gaming chair, with only their fingers being active.

This May half term you have the chance to change all of that.

Funtivity Day Camps offer a wide range of active sports and activities to entertain even the most avid Fortnite player away from the screen.

At our school holiday day camps your child will take part in fun sports, including football, rounders, tag rugby, nerf wars, ball games, wacky races and so much more. They will have so much to choose from take a look at a sample time table below.

We know that sport is great for building healthy bodies, but they will also learn team building and leadership skills as well as the chance to make new friends.

At Funtivity, we pride ourselves in being a multi-activity holiday care.

This mean that at each session your child can choose from the active sessions or creative sessions, they can also choose activities they have never tried before.

We aim to bring in specialist activities such as science experiments to street dance, tennis to  swimming, from Yoga to basketball.

We know that trying new things can be daunting. That’s why our staff are experienced in helping children overcome these fears in a nurturing way. Staff will first show children what to do. Children can then try new skills and learn for themselves. They will be able to learn new things and maybe even develop new interests.




Funtivity is a new multi -activity school holiday day camp running in and around Liverpool for 5 -12 year olds.


We offer a 10% discount for each first time new booking.

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Funtivity solving school holiday care for you.

Put your feet up and we’ll take care of the rest.


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