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9 – 11  Year Olds

School Holiday Activities for 9-11 Year Olds

9 – 11!! What a fantastic age for these children to be at our multi activity day camp.

They have all the enthusiasm of the younger groups but longer attention spans, so sessions with this group are all about being active, being social and being challenged.

Although they like to pretend that they are too cool for school holiday camp, the reality is that our 9-11 year olds are raring to go and full of energy.

At Funtivity Day Camps we support children’s independence and freedom in a fun and safe environment. Children set their own pace, choose their own activities, build on their talents and develop new interests.

Children in this age group are starting to think critically, and we harness this development by providing activities that will challenge them to problem solve, negotiate and cooperate as part of a team.

Our 9-11 year olds are becoming more aware of themselves and their abilities. Staff support this growing sense of self awareness by offering a range of group games that will challenge the more able children whilst empowering and building confidence in those children that perceive themselves to be less able.

Whether your child is active and adventurous, or creative and laid back, we have an activity for everyone during the school holiday.


*Sample Timetable – subject to change

Please note that this sample timetable is just that- a sample, the activities offered on the days or weeks your child attends may differ from this. Activities are planned in the week before to provide the best range of activities taking into account the number of children attending that week.

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