What if my child is ill prior to camp and cannot attend?

To prevent the spread of illnesses, we cannot accept children onto camp who have recently had an illness or infection in case they are still infectious. Please contact us at admin@funtivitydaycamps.co.uk to find out our exclusion periods for any contagious illnesses. If your child requires a prescribed medication whilst at camp please let a member of staff know when registering on the day of camp. You will need to sign a medication consent form to allow us to administer the medicine while your child is at camp.

Unfortunately, camp sessions are non-refundable in the case of absence, and whilst we understand this can be frustrating, there are still operational and staffing costs that must be covered.

Its my child's first time at camp

We understand that parents can feel a little nervous when sending their child to a multi-activity camp for the first time. That is why you will receive an update email a few days prior to camp explaining what you and your child can expect during their Funtivity day. Our email is filled with information about our routine including snacks and mealtimes, what to wear, what to bring with you, and of course how to find us on the morning.

Our caring staff will make sure that you’re quickly put at ease and your child is settled in smoothly. Funtivity staff are well skilled in supporting each individual child during their first time at camp by making sure they’re familiar with the venue, staff and activity timetable so that they know what to expect during their day.

Further reassurance is provided through the group staff who quickly get to know your child and their individual needs and interests. Each child will be assigned a Keyworker, also known as their Group Co-Ordinator, during their time at camp. Buddy systems are used to pair children with a friend so everyone feels included. ‘Name’ and ‘Get to know you’ circle games are played during the registration period in the base room so children are immediately involved in a group activity. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the children settle in and make new friends.

What are your arrival and collection times?

Our standard arrival and collection times are between 8.30am and 5:00pm. If your child is accessing extended morning sessions arrival time starts from 7.30am, and collection time after 5:00 pm will fall into the extended afternoon sessions.


On arrival at your chosen camp staff will be waiting at reception ready to greet you and register your child.


What happens when I drop off?


Staff will be waiting at the reception area of your chosen camp to greet you and register you between 7.30am and 9:00am. We operate a runner system where by the camp leader will collect your child from you at reception and take them and all their belongings down to the base room where they will be able to join in with our 1st set of activities. If you are dropping your child off after 9:00am, don’t worry, there will be someone from the school lettings company we work alongside waiting at reception, who will help you to find your child’s base room and group for the day.

What happens when I collect?

To keep all our Funtivity children safe we operate a strict pin collection system. You will need the pin that you generated at the time of booking. This will also have been sent to you in a secure email or you will be able to access it by logging back onto your booking information on our website www.funtivitydaycamps.co.uk. Again we operate a runner system. A member of staff who has been with your child during the day will bring your child and all their belongings from their base room back to reception for you. They will be able to give you feedback on your child’s day and answer any questions regarding your child’s day that you may have.

What happens if I am delayed/running late?

If you are delayed in collecting your child from camp, please give us a call as soon as you become aware that you will be late. The number for your camp can be found on the email that was sent to you the day before camp. If you are unable to collect your child before 5:00pm, they will automatically join our extended PM session (additional cost of £3 will be incurred), if your child is accessing the extended PM session two members of staff will stay with your child until you arrive. For any collection after 6pm a late charge of £10 will apply, with a subsequent £5 per every half an hour thereafter.

What if my child is struggling to settle in at camp?

You will be amazed at how quickly children settle into camp. We have lots of children who start camp feeling nervous, but by the end of the day they want to return to us for another day. Attending camp can be a great way for you to support your child to settle into new situations, meaning that the next time they start a new school, for example, they are better equipped for this change. Our staff are well trained to support children who are nervous at arrival at camp, and have an array of techniques under their belt that they know are effective in helping your child to settle into camp.

In the unlikely event that your child doesn’t settle at camp on their first day, please let us know. Very often by speaking to our camp directors or the camp staff the same day or following morning, we can resolve any problems related to your child not settling.

What should my child wear?
  1. What should my child wear?


We recommend that your child wears comfortable clothing and closed toe shoes. Please do not dress your child in any clothes that are valuable to you, as your child will be getting involved in a variety of messy activities throughout the day. If your child is wearing open toe or sandal shoes, please make sure they have socks in their bag for inflatable games.


What should my child bring on the day?

Please make sure your child has with them a  change of clothes in their bag, in case of messy activities or wet activities.

A swimming kit should be brought in every day, as your child will have the option to choose swimming during the day. Please note that the swimming kit may not always be needed. If your child requires armbands to swim safely please provide these with your child’s swimming kit.

In the summer months please provide your child with suncream, and a sunhat as we will offer the children a larger number of outdoor activities to choose from. We ask that you show your child how to do this before they attend camp. Spray on sun lotion is a good option for younger children as the staff can do this for them and the children can then rub in themselves. Staff will remind children at break times to apply sun cream and help younger ones if needed.

Children will need to bring a packed lunch box with them to camp each day. We have a short morning and afternoon snack time, so it is a good idea to pack a few snack options in their lunchboxes that children can eat throughout the day. We find that our Funtivity children can get very hungry from all the fun activities they partake in during our busy day. We recommend bringing a refillable water bottle, there are facilities on site for your child to refill their drink bottle when needed. Please be mindful that we do not have refrigeration facilities for lunchboxes when packing food items for your child’s day.

Please make sure all clothing is named and that your child brings home all items at the end of the day. It’s very difficult for us to locate lost property once children have left camp. We won’t be able to contact you if items aren’t labelled. If you realise your child has misplaced an item please contact the camp straight away and we will do our best to try to locate it, however we cannot be responsible for lost items.

What shouldn’t my child bring?

We strongly advise that children do not bring any valuables with them to camp for example, games consoles, ipods, watches, money and mobile phones. We do understand that older children who are travelling to and from camp by themselves may need a mobile phone on them for their journey. However, mobile phones can not be used at camp, and children will need to be aware of keeping these belongings safe. We cannot take any responsibility for any valuables that are lost or stolen at camp.

What if my child has an illness or allergy?

You will be asked to share information about any conditions or allergies your child has when you book online. Please make sure to update your childs booking information with any changes. On the day of camp please confirm during registration that the information held regarding your child’s condition or allergies is up to date.

What if my child becomes unwell or has an accident whilst at camp?

Please try not to worry! If your child becomes unwell, staff will take all necessary measures to ensure their comfort and safety. In case of a high temperature, emergency calpol is kept on site and will be administered by a qualified member of staff with your consent. You will be informed if your child becomes unwell, whether they are able to remain at camp or not.

We always have trained first aiders on site. Luckily the most common injuries we deal with are cuts, scrapes and grazes, however should your child suffer a more serious injury you will be contacted immediately.

Why can't I see pictures of my childs day on social media?

We try to post photos onto our social media platforms for parents to view regularly. Although we cannot guarantee your child will appear on these. Whilst our best efforts are made to take as many photos as possible at camp, the operation of the camp itself has to come first, and therefore there may be occasions where no photos are able to be uploaded. If you do not want photos of your child to be taken and shared on social media, please let us know when filling out your child’s registration form during your online booking. You can find our camp photo’s on our Facebook page 

How will my child be grouped?

Children are grouped with others of a similar age where the maximum age difference of children in a group will generally not be more than two years. We like to keep our ratios low, and so operate an 8:1 ratio rather than the standard 12:1.

We group the children in groups of 24 starting from youngest to oldest on our register for each week. There will be no changes to the groupings within the week. If you’re booking for more than one week you may find that your child will be in different groups on the different weeks. This is because the number of attending children of each age group may change slightly week by week. Please do not worry as your child will always be with children of a similar age and development stage, and will always be with a familiar member of staff.

What if my child is attending camp without a friend or sibling?

Don’t worry! Most children at our camps attend alone. Each morning of camp, staff will host some icebreaker games for children to get to know each other and they will support your child to build friendships with other children in their group throughout the day.


How many sessions are there in a day?

There are six one-hour sessions each day. Children will be given a choice of at least two activities in each session. We offer a range of multi activities so there are choices for all children whether they’re into sports or prefer more creative activities. There is a short morning break, a lunch break and a short afternoon break for the children during the day. To view an example timetable please click on your child’s age group from the drop down menu.


When will I know what activities are on offer to my child

The confirmed timetable for each group will be displayed in the registration area at camp each day so you can see which activity choices your child has been offered. This can be helpful when discussing your child’s day at camp with them when you get home. Unfortunately, we are unable to confirm the timetable in advance of camp for you to discuss with your child as there are many factors in the lead up to camp that could cause changes to the timetable

What happens if the weather is bad?

We always have a bad weather plan in place which is ready to kick in at the first sign of the weather changing. Luckily many of our fantastic activities can be offered in both an indoor and outdoor environment and we will adapt these when we need to. Please note however, that there may be some activities that will need to be withdrawn from the timetable during wet weather for safety reasons.

What are theme days and how can I prepare for these?

Each week of Funtivity camp has a theme woven into the activities. You will be informed via email prior to camp of the theme of the week your child is due to attend, and any extra information you will require is supplied. Themed weeks add extra excitement and purpose to the children’s activities, and there will be little expectations of parents to partake in dressing up or supplying additional items for camp.

How does the password pin system work?

You will be asked to create a secure 4 digit pin at the time of booking online. At registration on your child’s first day of camp, a staff member will confirm with you the pin you have chosen. Anyone collecting your child from camp each day will need the pin before one of our runner staff will be able to collect your child from their base room for you.

Can my child bring food or birthday cake to share with the other children?

Unfortunately, due to child allergies, we can not allow homemade birthday cakes to be shared at camp. You can, however, provide a shop bought cake, in its original packaging for your child to share with friends at dinnertime. If you would like to, please also provide candles for staff to light when singing to your child.

How do you choose your staff?

All our staff have gone through a rigorous recruitment procedure and are trained with our purposefully designed Funtivity training package, meaning all our staff are well skilled and very capable of providing your child with the most fun and exciting day within a safe environment. Despite being a holiday camp, Funtivity are dedicated to providing top quality childcare, and therefore we invest a lot of time and resources, in the lead up to and during the camp weeks to support our staff.

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