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What are your policies? Why do you have policies?

There are several policies and procedures we have in place at Funtivity, which help us to provide a fair and consistent service. Policies and procedures provide guidance for our staff on how children will be supported and kept safe whilst at camp.

Our full policies can be read at camp or if you wish to read them before, please email us at admin@funtivitydaycamps.co.uk for a copy.

What is your swimming policy?

You will be asked to fill out some information regarding your child’s swimming ability on your child’s registration form when booking online. If your child is unable to swim 25 metres confidently without armbands, you will need to supply armbands for your child in their swimming kit. If you inform us on the registration form that your child can swim 25 metres, your child will still be asked to demonstrate their ability and water confidence to our lifeguard by swimming 2-3 widths of the pool, without putting their feet down. If you are unsure if your child will need their armbands please pack them just in case, they will only be used if your child is unable to demonstrate sufficient competency in the water. If your child is unable to demonstrate sufficient competency in the water and has not brought armbands, they may be unable to continue with their swimming session, and will be offered an alternative activity until armbands can be supplied by yourself.

What is your behaviour management policy?

 At camp each group will discuss, agree on and make their own rules with the support of their camp leader. This promotes a positive environment where all children are aware of behaviour expectations at camp and have had time to reflect on the possible consequences of their actions.  Should the positive group atmosphere by affected by disruptive or inappropriate behaviour, staff will remind children of the rules they have helped to make, and explain the issue to the child in a way that they can understand. Depending on the severity and frequency of the disruptive or inappropriate behaviour, we have to exclude a child from camp.

What is your bullying policy?


 Bullying is never tolerated at Funtivity day camps. Please inform us if you believe that any forms of bullying is taking place at camp. Action to deter bullying will be taken immediately by camp staff.

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