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5-8 Year Olds

School Holiday Activities for 5-8 Year Olds

Funtivity Day Camps know that children between 5 and 8 years old are full of energy, curiosity and a desire to explore new activities. So our school holiday multi-activity program for this age group is tailored to stimulate and entertain children of all abilities.

Our multi-activity time table during the school holiday provides just the right amount of quiet and energetic activities, to support children to stay active in the school holiday whilst allowing the opportunity to rebuild their energy levels.

At this age, they are starting to develop more of their own personality, confidence and self-awareness and are showing interest in a sense of belonging to a group or team. Through active play and small group games, we support the development of social skills and encourage children to engage in new adventures, new challenges and new opportunities to help them grow.

As this age group have been at school for a while, they’re normally ready for a little more independence. We feed their desire for being more grown up by offering opportunities to make their own choices about activities they would like to partake in.

Whether your child is active and adventurous, or creative and laid back, we have an activity for everyone, and our skilled staff will support your child in making their choice before each session begins.


Don’t worry if your child can’t remember all of the fun things they’ve done each day, the holiday camp daily timetable will be clearly displayed in the registration area. There’s also the opportunity to speak to your child’s group leaders at the end of the day, if you wish.

*Sample Timetable – subject to change

Please note that this sample timetable is just that- a sample, the activities offered on the days or weeks your child attends may differ from this. Activities are planned in the week before to provide the best range of activities taking into account the number of children attending that week.

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