It’s that time again, school holidays and as you toy with whether or not to send your children to a school holiday club, you may be weighing up the pro’s and cons.

Should you send your children to a school holiday club this half term or for the long school summer holiday, if at all?

If you are a working parent, you may not have a lot of other options, how many times can grandad and nanna help out? Do the aunts and uncles seem to have a multitude of excuses? Do your friends always seem to be busy at these crucial times of the year?

If so then you may be considering a school holiday club for your children.

Or maybe you are a stay at home parent. This doesn’t mean your child should miss out on the benefits of the holiday camps. What’s more, you don’t need to book the whole week, maybe you just need a day or two to keep them entertained and give yourself a well deserved break.

If you can relate to either of the above two scenarios, then you may also be wondering what the benefits are, of using a school holiday club?  

School holiday clubs are great in so many ways.

School Holiday Camps don’t just benefit parents, there are benefits for your children as well.

By attending a multi-activity holiday camp, your children can develop social skills, gain confidence in themselves whilst also learning new skills and developing interests.

The benefits are long lasting and will help your child in their development.

1. Social Skills

Children who attend Funtivity Day Camps, will come from a range of schools in the area. We are not tied to one particular school. This means that your child will be able to meet new children and form new friendships.

We understand that each child is different, so whether your child is a bit on the shy side and struggles with this aspect, our staff will help to draw them out and introduce them to the other children. They will make your child feel welcomed and most of all they will make sure that your child has a fun-filled day.

Learning to get on with others is an important skill that children need to develop.

If they go to the same school and see the same friends, all the time, they never get to try out an practice these skills.

Offering them new life experiences will only help them to grow and develop into more well rounded young people.

2. Learn new skills and experiences

Funtivity Day Camps allows children to try out a range of multi-activities in the school holiday.

They can take part in a wide range of things each day throughout the week.

With over 60 activities on offer, from swimming, to arts and crafts, as well as new skills they may never have tried before like soft archery to tag rugby or papier mache to salt dough making.

Children develop by trying and they will have the chance to try new things during their time with Funtivity holiday clubs.

3. Build confidence

Children’s confidence grows when they try out news things. They often discover hidden talents they didn’t realise they had.

It allows them the chance to develop new interests in things they had not tried before.

Many children find it quite daunting to be faced with new things and will easily not even want to have a go. Or if they do, they will give up, if they cannot do it well straightaway.

At Funtivity, children are encouraged to challenge themselves and to at least try one new thing at camp.

It does not matter if they get it wrong what is important is that they have tried.

That is how we help them to build confidence.


Funtivity is a multi -activity school holiday day camp running in an around Liverpool for 5 -12 year olds.

We offer a 10% discount for each first time new booking.

Book now onto our next school holiday camp.

Funtivity solving school holiday care for you.


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